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When Your Loved Ones Need To Move

Great NEWS! Americans are living longer! Almost 10 years longer than we did in 1970! Now consider this: Living longer means that there is an even greater chance that we will need to take care of a parent or loved one at some point. In fact, according to the American Association for Retired People (AARP) there are 22.4 million households providing care to a family member over 50. And even if your loved one(s) are still doing okay in their own home, the odds are that you have weathered a medical “event” or two that caused all of you to wonder how the next years will unfold.

We are used to caring for our children and lending a hand to our parents now and then. But most of us have a little trouble facing facts when a loved one’s health begins to decline. Often their home isn’t the safe haven it’s always been. Yard work that they can no longer do becomes your responsibility. Home maintenance slides. Stairs can become a problem. And when their world shrinks to their 4 walls, it can be time to consider some options.  Published: 09/04/2011 by Ron Greenwald

Your Assisted Living Needs

Dallas Assisted Living - John Steele
John Steele

Alternative Living Choices is an individually owned agency created to assist families and friends in finding new living situations for their loved ones who can no longer remain at home. My goal is to simplify your search. While serving as Director of Community Outreach for a local hospice agency I assisted families in this pursuit on many occasions. I repeatedly saw families being so overwhelmed by this task. I would often hear questions such as; “What type of facility?”, “Where will my Mom or Dad receive the best care?”, “How do I approach them with this decision?”, and, of course, “Where will they get the best care for the money?” Answering these questions requires a great deal of research, knowledge, leg-work and time. Family members and friends are already under so much stress and time restraints. I came to realize, after understanding their needs, that I could do the research for them and present them with options they may have never considered or been aware of. I worked closely with family members reminding them that I was serving as their agent but they were ALWAYS the final decision maker.

As I became more integrated in the Care Management Community I met so many wonderful care facility owners, administrators and caregivers. Now, it is a pleasure and privilege to share my knowledge with you in this part of your journey. In fact, I will assist you through the total transitioning process. With almost 600 options for Senior Living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex the task of making the best choice feels overwhelming. Knowing I can relieve that monumental burden and guide families such as yours through this process is key to my service.

Simply stated: We use tax advisors because they are experts in their field and we may not be. We use attorneys because they have studied and are aware of legal issues and solutions and we probably are not. We use realtors because they are aware of the housing market and are specialists in that field. The same is true with Alternative Living Choices. Plus, I personally take care of each and every one of my clients until the placement is complete, never turning them over to an assistant AND…there is no fee to the client for my professional services.

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